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The 210B-2-SRA EZ-Drill is equipped with two-gang drill system that operate simultaneously together and can adjust to drill every 12 to 36 inches from center. Achieve the best efficiency when drilling on slab with the 210B-2-SRA! The slab rider drill can be even be adjusted to meet wider spacing requirements. Not only does the drill do horizontal cuts, set up the drill to cut vertically for maximum use!

Weight: 1,150 Lbs. 

Engine: CP 32A, Pneumatic 

Drill Depth: 18" 

Drill Bit Capacity (Diameter): 5/8" to 2-1/2"

If you need any drill steel, oil or accessories for your Slab Rider, ProContractor Supply is the one-stop shop for you! We carry all the different parts and accessories you will need for the next drill or to get your machine back up and running. Call us today if you have any questions at 800-604-0088. 

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