5 Different Types of Construction Vehicles to Know



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Many sectors in the construction industry use equipment and machinery to improve their performance. That includes a construction vehicle which is considered the best type of equipment to use in constructing a building or a property.


There is no doubt that construction vehicles are important machines used by construction companies as they drive development in the construction sector.


In this article, we will discuss 5 popular construction vehicles used in the industry today to provide you with a more general idea about these machines and why they are great options, depending on the size and scale of your project.


  1. Bulldozers


Bulldozers are commonly used for construction in both urban and rural settings. However, they are not limited to just one type of terrain. You may be surprised to know that a bulldozer is actually a very versatile vehicle. It can be used to build almost anything: houses, roads, even bridges. The weight of the machine alone can threaten people. Even so, people have made more robust and more sustainable structures using this giant machine than with any other known method. In fact, it is considered safer and more efficient to use a bulldozer than any other type of construction equipment in almost all cases. This is especially true if you deal with coastal areas or marshes where natural obstacles can stand in your way and where noise from machinery can be an issue.


  1. Front Loaders


A front loader is commonly used on construction sites to help move heavy earth, rock, and other construction materials. It may be similar to a bulldozer but is further away from the ground. Front Loaders are equipped with a proper place for the worker to stand and load the material onto the trailer automatically; this reduces injury risk when working with it. These trucks have a winch to raise and lower the load and a bucket that holds the material until it is ready to be transported by another vehicle. In general, a front loader will be larger than a semi-trailer and have more weight to compensate for the added stability. In some cases, also for the additional protection, it provides against power steering in newer trucks.


  1. Dump Trucks


A dump truck can be used to move heavy earth or rock. The popularity of dump trucks arises from the fact that they have wheels that can roll over obstacles. There are many reasons why you may want to include a dump truck in your construction project. If you’re going to get rid of old construction materials quickly and efficiently, dump trucks offer a safe and efficient method of transportation. Using a dump truck, you can make sure your materials are packed away swiftly so you can begin working on your project without worrying that they will be disturbed. When you also need to dispose of large pieces of waste, such as filled shipping containers or old tires, a dump truck can make the job much easier.


  1. Backhoes


Backhoes are another popular type of construction vehicles. They may look like tractors, but they differ in terms of usage. Backhoes are most commonly used for digging and setting earth and rock for building construction. They are also commonly used in places where there are natural obstacles like rock, fences, or high ground. 


The use of Backhoes in construction has increased because of their ability to move a large amount of earth quickly. They are also used to build bridges, good foundations, fill in sinkholes and pull excavated earth out of roads. In rural areas, backhoes are used to help remove snow from power lines. This makes them an essential piece of equipment in almost any construction project – especially when digging is required.


  1. Graders


Many construction companies use graders as their heavy equipment vehicles for several reasons. The most significant benefit that graders provide is to move small amounts of dirt and fine grade. The long blade allows you to create a flat surface, while some upgraded graders have a second blade. Using this kind of heavy truck instead of forklifts makes it possible to complete a job much more efficiently. This is especially important if your project involves moving dirt or fine quantities of material, as this would be slow work for a forklift.


Key Takeaways


There are several factors you should consider when picking out the best construction vehicles.


These are:


  • What kind of material you will be moving
  • The location of the job site (can the vehicle navigate the space?)
  • How easily the vehicle can be operated by your team
  • Is it a cost-effective option based on your project budget?
  • And does it have a trailer or an articulated part that allows it to move over obstacles?


It is essential to understand the characteristics of each vehicle so you can choose the one that will best meet your needs for the best price and functionality, among other features. Before changing over to a new construction vehicle, it is also good to know what others have to say about it.


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