$76 million expansion to improve traffic flow

construction industry

The work of a construction company is never done: Roads, bridges, buildings, drainage and other infrastructure needs are constantly popping up. Construction contractors are literally the foundation on which our society is built. 


Thanks to suppliers, businesses enjoy comfortable office spaces, residents inhabit beautiful homes, and motorists benefit from convenient roadways.


Speaking of roadways… 


Have you ever had to endure traffic in Atlanta? It’s enough to make a grown man weep. Thankfully, the Georgia Department of Transportation is actively working to fix the issue.


Seven-mile widening and reconstruction for the I-75


The Georgia Department of Transportation kicked off a $76 million project to expand I-75 in an effort to improve traffic flow. The project includes a complex network of Collector-Distributor (C-D) lanes, including I-75 C-D lanes, that extends approximately one mile. In short, the goal of this project is to widen the I-75 into an existing frontage for better traffic flow.


“It includes a lot of walls, a bridge construction, a lot of utility relocations, asphalt paving and concrete paving for the ramps,” noted Michael Gantt, a Walsh Group project manager. 


And that’s where ProContractor Supply stepped in.


Equipment supply and expertise – ProContractor Supply


This 2-year long project required an array of construction equipment. ProContractor Supply serves as the main equipment provider for this entire project.


ProContractor Supply also serves as a major source of expertise on this project. 


Karl,  at Archer Western, serves as a general Superintendent for the overall project, while Rob Morris (Owner at ProContractor Supply), Jackie Epps (Inside Sales Supervisor at ProContractor Supply) and Travis Clements (Service Manager at ProContractor Supply) took the lead in assisting Archer Western, which is a widely recognized construction company in the United States.


This project is expected to drastically reduce traffic congestion along I-75.

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