3 Top Concrete Equipment Manufacturers And Their Best Sellers

We sell concrete equipment which can be used for a range of purposes, whether they’re commercial, industrial, or residential projects. Our concrete equipment can suit various needs and budgets, with our wide range of finishing and placing equipment ensuring that your concrete surfaces are smooth, strong, and durable. ProContractor Supply also supplies on-the-job training for your staff, allowing them to quickly learn how to use the equipment you purchase from us. 

If you’re looking for Allen Engineering products, you’ve come to the right place! As the Southeast’s leading Allen Engineering distributor, we can provide you with a diverse range of pacing equipment, trowel machines, compactions products and much more. In fact, let’s take a look at Allen Engineering in more detail.

Allen Engineering

Allen Engineering is a US company which produces handcrafted American-made concrete products. Specializing in placing, finishing, and paving, the company has recently gained fame for its high-performance riding trowels which feature dual gasoline or diesel engines. 

One of our bestsellers is the HDX780, which is a hydraulic-powered riding trowel which combines two high-horsepower diesel engines. One of the strongest and most reliable riding trowels in their price range, their builds and hydraulics rival that of any other manufacturer. With up to 99 horsepower and 145 RPM rotor speeds, you won’t find a more efficient way to finish concrete that with a 6-bladed high-performance riding trowel from our good friends at Allen Engineering.


Stylized as CrUSAder due to their US manufacturing and Minnesotan roots, Crusader is an American company which specializes in high-performance wet/dry vacuum cleaners for commercial sites where high levels of dust can make for messy work. Their M1050-55-CC 55-gallon wet/dry vacuum is one of our bestsellers here at ProContractor Supply, and is actually the most popular large-capacity vacuum in the concrete industry. Featuring a 2-stage bypass motor which runs at 115 volts/ 60 Hz, this high-powered vacuum weights a mere 35 pounds and comes with a 35’ power cord as standard. Ideal for both dry dust and wet slurry cleaning, Crusader vacuums are a true one-stop-shop for your concrete cleanup needs!


Famed for making industrial saws and various gardening equipment, Husqvarna are known for their quality and robustness. The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000, for instance, is a self-propelled gasoline saw which provides you with consistent cutting speeds, making for a smooth and seamless process. Using the saw, you can easily cut concrete 1-2 hours after finishing and before its final set, ensuring that the saw’s multiple blade widths control any cracks in your concrete and make for a perfect finish. Equipped with electric blade control, the X4000 is a perfect tool for finishing your concrete in a manner which is high-quality and not too tiring for your workers. Here at ProContractor Supply, we stock many different Soff-Cut saws, enabling you to mitigate cracking by cutting your concrete shortly after its initial pour. 

Industry-leading concrete equipment

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a major construction site or a small-scale residential project, ProContractor Supply has the industry-leading concrete equipment to suit your needs. We ensure that we work with concrete product manufacturers who are reputable and reliable, prioritizing US-made products wherever possible due to our support for the local economy. 

Partnering with big brands such as Allen Engineering and Crusader, we strive to deliver top-quality concrete products to you at very competitive prices. If you’d to know more about our product line or speak to a member of our team about our special discounts, why not get in touch with us today at 1-800-604-0088 and find out what our dedicated employees can do for you?