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FS 07 OZ


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The Oztec FS 07 OZ is the 7' assembly shaft is your best option for transmitting power from the power source to the vibrating head. The Oztec FS 07 OZ shaft is rigid enough to power the vibrator through the toughest concrete with no problem because of it's extra-high carbon steel wires inside the neoprene rubber exterior. The Oztec Flexible Shafts are interchangeable on any Oztec power unit and come supplied with the "QD" or quick change adapters.

Length: 7' Feet

Part #: FS 07 OZ

Oztec's flexible shaft adaptors, motors, and heads (steel only) are compatible with most other manufactuers products. No need for a re-investment in all of your vibrating equipment! Start with the FS 07 OZ and see how well the Oztec line will work for you! If you have any questions about any Oztec product, please feel free to call us at 800-604-0088.