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At ProContractor Supply, we have partnered up with all the major manufacturers to develop an effective and distinctive Training Program for Contractors.  No other Distributor Equipment Manufacturer has poured so much time, energy and resources into creating a system for achieving consistent high F-Number floors, Decorative Flooring Best Practices, High Performance Forming Systems and Highway/Bridge Paving Systems.

With our Partnership with the Major Manufactures, PCS is able to suggest new Development of all types of Screed options, Concrete Trowel Machine recommendations, Best Practices of Tooling Techniques and Labor and Production savings for the Contractor Innovations.  The result has been that not only are PCS products rated second to none, but our concrete training system has set new standards for the Concrete Industry. Our experience, and the support that PCS can provide will not only give the Contractor an edge with their competition but the Contractor will come to partner with PCS for years to come.

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