Must-Have Concrete Equipment for Your Construction Business


In recent years, the construction industry has made gains in most developing countries around the world. Innovative structures continue to rise and make the rounds across the globe, thanks to concrete and concrete construction equipment.


But what makes it the right choice for your construction business?


Concrete is a very sturdy and resilient material that is also known for its longevity. But to make the most of this construction material, it is important to have the right concrete equipment and accessories for your project.


The right concrete equipment and accessories will help improve your construction processes, minimize project costs by improving efficiency, allow you to get more work done in less time, and allow you to provide a more extensive range of service offerings to potential clients. The right equipment also helps increase profits by providing quality construction services to the client on time.


Various manufacturers are now supplying several types of high-quality concrete construction equipment. When it comes to choosing equipment, it is essential to decide based on cost, how much manpower it can help eliminate, the learning curve for the equipment, and the cost to maintain it.


Here are some of our best-selling concrete equipment and accessories trusted by construction service providers just like you.


  1. Trowel Machine


The trowel machine is designed to create levels with a smooth finish, such as interior floors, on a large flat area of concrete. If you plan on buying a power trowel, consider how much space you need to cover. Walk-behind power trowels are a great option since they are easy to operate. One good example is our 46″ Allen Walk Behind Trowel Machine. It uses cast-iron spiders, lift-levers, and pressure plates to withstand average damage and continuous usage.



  1. Magic Screeds

Screeds come in various sizes and are typically a flat blade or stiff tubing that is longer than the pour’s width to ride on top of the concrete forms around the edge of the pour. They are used to level newly-poured concrete to the correct grade and level. Take a look at our Allen Magic Screed Power Unit – HD7070, powered with an anti-vibrating system, designed to run the lightweight wet screed over concrete, ideal for a single operator.



  1. Concrete Vibrators

Vibration is needed in order to make a dense and compact foundation for a concrete structure or slab. By applying loads, vibrators work the concrete itself. This means that they sort out and compress the concrete from the moment it is being poured or during its setup. Another ideal vibrator for any construction site is the Oztec 1.8HP Electronic Concrete Vibrator Motor.


  1. Pavers

Paving machines are a great choice for large slabs, highways, parking lots, and roadways. In comparison, customized pavers are commonly used to construct airport runways, bridges, and canals. In order to establish grade, they ride over the placement area of concrete while creating a final surface. Check out this Triple Tube Paver.


  1. Cut-off Saws

While concrete cutting saws are standard on any concrete job site, handheld cut-off saws are being widely used by contractors today. Designed for the toughest job, cut-off saws come either with cordless or electric motors and gas engines making it easier to cut asphalt, concrete, pipe, and more. This is why they are the perfect companions of every concrete contractor. Our 16” Husqvarna All Purpose Cut Off Saw is perfect if you’re looking for a sturdy tool with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and minimal vibrations.


  1. Power Buggy

Gone are the days when a power buggy was only used for transporting concrete. With the recent developments in their features and available options, power buggies can now do so much more, making them a better alternative to manual labor or any other material-handling tool that is bigger than their size. While you’re here, you may check out our Allen AR 16 Power Buggy equipped with a factory-installed, propane-powered Honda GX390 engine designed for indoor use or in confined areas.


At Pro Contractor Supply, our primary goal is to provide you with a wide selection of concrete equipment while by offering on-the-job training for your dedicated team. For over two decades, we’ve been around in the construction industry, having an extensive inventory of concrete placing and finishing equipment customized for all your residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.


We are proud to be one of the leading distributors of Allen Engineering products in the South East, bringing trowel machines, cut-off saws, screeds, paving machines, and other accessories that are essential for construction work within your reach. Whatever your construction project involves, we can be your perfect partner as we aspire to be your one-stop destination for your all construction needs and everything concrete.

If you’re ready to do business with us, feel free to get in touch, and we’d be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to talking with you soon!


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