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Pervious Concrete Training

Call ProContractor’s Supply, the Southeast Headquarters for Pervious Concrete Training and Consulting for your next project! We can:

  • Certify your Contractors on Pervious Concrete
  • Assist in mix designs and consult with the ready mix producer on best mix practices
  • Educate on Internal Curing (Hydromax)
  • Provide equipment to the contractor for effective placement of Pervious Concrete
  • Consult and provide Job Site Support for all Pervious Concrete Projects

Pervious Concrete Training

We offer high-end Penetrating Concrete Sealer that is ideal for use on fresh concrete and performs exceptionally both inside and outside minus the negative effects of solvent-based solutions. The SoyCure sealer, in combination with an extension of HydroMax admixture, produces high-quality previous concrete by replacing the traditional sheeting. The pervious concrete sealer is ideal for combating rapid drying conditions such as high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds.

Educate on Internal Curing (Hydromax)

Why use a Penetrating Concrete Sealer?

  • Creates a moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete
  • Assists in the elimination of dusting through good strength development
  • Safe alternative to solvent based sealers – non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Improves moisture retention in fresh concrete
  • Increases deicer resistance to hardened concrete