ADA Tiles

What are ADA Tiles

ADA Tiles are tactile detection tiles installed on sidewalks and similar surfaces to help disabled and visually impaired individuals maintain safer mobility in outdoor environments. The tiles are non slip, easy to physically feel with soles on feet and intentionally installed in contrasting colors to visually standout.

At ProContractor Supply, all ADA Detectable Warning tiles are sourced from ADA Solutions. Made with high-quality fiberglass and polymer in their base material, all variants available are ISO 9002 certified, UV stable, sturdy, long lasting, and easy to install. ProContractor Supply is the leading distributor in the Southeast for these tiles that are so critical for the safety of our citizens. We partner with ADA Solutions, the preferred manufacturer of all state and federal DOT jobs. Speak to a member of our team today, and choose from over 500 tiles in different colors and sizes.

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ProContractor Supply stocks over 500 tiles of all different colors and sizes.   We stock only ADA Solutions and are the leading distributor in the Southeast.  Cast In Place Replaceable, Surface Mount, Cast In Place and Radius tiles.  (2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 3×4 sizes/yellow, brick red, charcoal, grey, clay red, white and blue)

ADA Solutions is perferred manufacture of all State/Federal DOT jobs. 


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