Things Every Construction Contractor Should Know

In every construction project, there are many parties involved. But the most important parties are usually the client, the management team, and the construction contractor. The contractor is responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation, and supervision of construction activities at the job site. Every contractor must know and establish a proper process in order to finish the project within the given time and budget.


Today, most contractors rely on construction technology for more innovative advances that typically make designing, developing, and building a property a lot easier.

But what’s with Construction Technology, and how will it change the future?

Construction Technology or Con-Tech is defined as the “collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc. used during the construction phase of a project.” It aims to help the industry to move forward while making progress and innovations.

The purpose of Con-Tech is to empower employers as well as their employees to come up with intelligent decisions in order for them to be more productive and safe at a construction site. Aside from this, the real value of construction technology is to help the industry address major concerns, including a lack of workforce which is often a problem. This kind of challenge cannot be easily solved by an individual or the company on their own. Therefore, technology plays a big part in addressing significant issues in the construction industry.


Examples of construction technologies


Contrary to the common belief that the latest technology will cost a lot, technological innovations can also be quite affordable and accessible to general contractors right now. These cutting-edge innovations create more value, especially for independent contractors: 


  • 3D Printing – due to rapid developments in 3D imaging technology, it has shaped up the construction industry with its capabilities to print out the following faster and cheaper:

– an entire home in a three-dimensional perspective

– materials for prefabrication and for immediately use

  • Drones/UAV – with the rise of construction technology, drones can provide a bird’s eye perspective or produce detailed maps of the worksite. They can also be used in measuring progress, site logistics plans, and stockpiles.
  • Virtual Reality – or Augmented Reality is truly a game-changer for the construction industry. It allows general contractors to see and walk through the whole construction progress.


As technology continues to evolve, the construction industry will become safer, and contractors have more opportunities to increase their profits, especially those involved in heavy construction such as bridges, flood control projects, highways and streets, irrigation projects, marine construction, railroads, and sewers.


Contractors can also benefit from these innovations even if they are engaged in residential construction, including homes, apartment buildings, townhouses, and more housing complexes.


Every contractor must also know the three types of construction: A, B, and C. These types are determined by the building’s class and rise in storeys.


  • Type A – this includes the high-rise buildings with heavy occupants that have a higher risk. Therefore, this construction type is the most fire-resistant.
  • Type B – buildings classified as type B may fall between type A and type C
  • Type C – contrary to Type A, this type includes buildings with a lower risk. Thus this kind of construction is the least fire-resistant.


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