Types of Construction Projects Metal Forms Corporation’s case

types of construction projects

When getting started on a new construction project, it is important to understand from early the type of project you’ll be undertaking. Knowing the type of project you’re working on will help you work through many issues, for example, payment-related issues and design-related issues.


There are two ways to think about project types in the construction industry. Construction projects can be classified by actual building types, such as residential, commercial, industrial, or heavy civil construction. Another way to classify construction projects is by the project owner, for example, whether it’s a private, state or federally owned construction project.


Building Type

Classifying your construction project by building type can be very useful. Knowing the type of building you’ll be working on will help you to better understand design requirements, and help you plan for design issues that may pop up during construction. Needless to say, a residential and industrial construction project will have completely different design standards.


Project Owner

Knowing your project owner is also important in the construction industry. As mentioned before, a project can be private, state or federally owned. Construction laws will vary based on the entity that owns the project. This is what state and federal laws consider when protecting your right to get paid.


ProContractor Supply supports all construction projects


At ProContractor Supply, we stock a wide range of construction equipment and tools. Our wide inventory allows us to support clients with construction projects of all types and sizes. From sidewalks to bridges, monumental structures and industrial buildings.


How ProContractor Supply Operates


We maintain long-term relationships with our clients. One of the secrets to our long relationships with our clients is our commitment to meeting their specific needs. Each client and their business is important to us. To offer the best service to clients, we get to really know them and their business. We pay attention to the types of construction projects they take on, and then we ensure that our product inventory is able to meet each client’s needs. 


And it doesn’t end there. We offer our contractors Jobsite training for the equipment they purchase from us. This helps them to better understand their tools and work more efficiently. And finally, we stay connected with our clients throughout their projects, in case anything goes wrong with the tools we supplied. That way we’re able to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, preventing any project delays for the client.


Customer Testimonial – Metal Forms Corporation


We thoroughly enjoy working with all our clients and continue to do our best to meet their needs every time. We also strive to maintain good relationships with all our clients.


One client that we have been working with since 2015 is Metal Forms Corporation. They are a century-old company that supplies quality equipment for general and concrete construction. ProContractor Supply is a master dealer for Metal Forms, which means we supply them with the construction equipment they distribute to their own clients.


Here’s what they have to say about our work:


“Pro Contractor Supply Inc. is a premier supplier of concrete construction products for trade professionals throughout the Southeast.  With locations in Oakwood, Ga just northeast of Atlanta, and Kernersville, NC (Greensboro), they can service projects of all sizes with some of the most robust inventory in the business.


As a Master Dealer since 2015 for Metal Forms Corporation, Pro Contractor Supply stocks all kinds of concrete flatwork and curb forms.  The stock steel sidewalk forms, curb and gutter forms, straight and flexible Poly Meta forms and accessories, as well as Metal Forms Speed Screed truss screed.  Pro Contractor Supply recognizes the importance of having adequate inventory and keeps a close eye on the stock to make sure the contractor has everything needed for their projects.  


Since 2015, the partnership between Pro Contractor Supply and Metal Forms has only grown stronger.  Pro Contractor Supply has serviced leads from Metal Forms Corporation all over the Southeast due to their strong inventory and exceptional customer follow-up.  Pro Contractor Supply has an exceptional sales staff led by Rob Morris, with Travis Clements, and Jackie Crofts coordinating product sales and shipments at the branch level.  As the Metal Forms sales rep in the Southeast, I can count on Pro Contractor Supply to handle any type of project that comes my way.  Call PCS today for all your concrete forming needs!” – Metal Forms Corporation

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