Why is construction surveying important?

Proper planning is vital for a successful construction project. In fact, possibly the most important part of any development occurs before the foundations are dug. For instance, when preparing to build a structure, proper surveying and layout checks must be done on the job site before anything else can be done. The process of staking out the job site before construction begins is known as Construction Surveying.


Surveying the land is arguably the most important step in a construction project. But why is it necessary? And what exactly does it entail?


Why is surveying important


The purpose of construction surveying is simply to ensure that everything is just right with the land before building anything on it. A good survey ensures that everything is in the right place, and that everything is properly aligned.


Proper surveying helps to ensure that workers are on the correct construction site. An aspect of surveying is marking the boundaries for the work area. This keeps construction workers from building structures on someone else’s land.


Construction surveying also seeks to ensure that land elevations are correct. Construction sites are never perfectly flat. So noting the differences in elevation across the work area helps workers to do what is necessary to level the land before constructing a building. Surveying also helps to prevent the issue of misaligned structures like columns.


Another important purpose of construction surveying is scoping out the existing conditions of the worksite. This includes checking for existing structures, underground sewers, and determining the quality of the soil, among other things.


In most if not all places, there are legal building codes that must be adhered to when constructing certain structures. For example, the height of a building is restricted on certain land sizes and in some locations. Construction surveying helps to determine if the original building plans are in line with legal requirements. Building structures outside of legal specifications can lead to immense difficulty down the road.


Believe it or not, construction surveying continues even after the work is complete. At this stage, surveyors do their checks of the finished project to ensure that everything was done according to approved plans.


Equipment used for construction surveying


In times past, surveying was largely done manually by two or more people, using basic pegs and cords. The industry has grown a lot since then. These days, more modern methods such as laser scanning, GPS and total stations are used for more accurate results.


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